Red Oak Investments

JMI gave us the best of two worlds – big company resources and small company attention.  They built our 240-unit project with quality and at less cost than other top GCs.  We got top level attention when we needed it.  When we lost some key local personnel, the company owner flew down to the jobsite to cover weekly meetings for a year.  This is representative of how they keep their commitments.  They built us a winning project.  They will be doing more of them.."





"Johnstone Moyer, Inc. acted as General Contractor for Greystar’s multifamily developments including 304 apartment homes in Redwood City, California and 526 in Marina del Rey. JMI managed pre-construction and construction in a first class manner with expertise, integrity and standing behind their obligations.  I highly recommend JMI to owners and developers."

- Jerry  Brand

Senior Managing Director, Development

Mid-Peninsula Housing

"With JMI's comprehensive approach to project management and construction, working with them has truly been an enjoyable experience. Working as a team with us and the Architect, JMI has brought a problem solving approach to complete our project on time and on budget. Faced with a difficult site with a steep slope and complex grading issues, JMI made all efforts necessary to respond to ongoing site issues as they arose and to propose timely solutions. They are proactive in their approach to the job overall which often translates into time and cost savings for the client. I look forward to working with them on our next project."

- Jane Royer Barr

Senior Project Manager

James Guthrie, Principal

“What sets Johnstone Moyer Inc. apart from other contracting firms is their recognition of the importance of their involvement in the initial design phase of any development. They know that the contractor should be an advisor to the developer in guiding the design process from the outset to create cost effective excellent developments. Successful developments are the result of a collaborative cooperation of the design team, including the contractor, from the initial design concepts through construction, in order to make the most informed decisions throughout the decision process. This is JMI’s strength. They bring experience, professionalism, and innovative ideas to the design process. Over my 30 years of multifamily architectural practice, I have worked with many contracting firms, but in my experience, there are only a few firms that understand the importance of the collaborative process and, for this reason, JMI is at the top of my list of contracting firms that I would recommend to my clients.”



"BDE Architecture has worked with JMI on several projects over the last 15 years. From conceptual design through construction, JMI worked collaboratively with us as a member of the project team. JMI’s involvement in preconstruction was very thorough and they did an excellent job of addressing coordination to ensure that construction would be a smooth process. Their emphasis on clear communication and cooperation ensured the success of the projects, and we would be happy to work with them again on future projects."





"At TCA, we greatly value the design professional and contractor relationship. The earlier this collaboration occurs, the more successful and cost-effective the project outcome.  JMI has proven to be an excellent partner and ally on a number of our large scale, mixed-use and TOD opportunities. Their talented team of leadership, estimating, and on-site supervision ensures success of the design team, the project, and ultimately, Ownership."


CEO, Managing Partner


"Working with Johnstone Moyer, Inc. has been a very positive experience. Bill Johnstone is a very hands-on and focused team leader. He has assembled with him a very strong support staff of estimators, supervisors, and foremen. JMI works as a team player to develop solutions as the project progresses from design through construction. The project was very challenging not just from a construction standpoint but also from a coordination standpoint. Jmi has had the foresight to keep a project moving forward on schedule and on budget. I would look forward to working with JMI on many other projects that may occur in the future."





"From preconstruction through project completion the JMI team is committed to partnering with their subcontractors in order to provide a superior product and experience to their clients. This partnership along with their solution oriented teams addressing all concerns equally builds trust between the general contractor, subcontractors and client allowing their projects to regularly finish on or even ahead of schedule. In an industry filled with risk it makes me feel better to know that when we contract with JMI that they have assembled the best qualified team to build the project, not the cheapest."


- Greg Schniegenberg

Vice President


"We've been able to establish a long-term relationship with Johnstone Moyer, Inc. that is built on integrity and trust. It's a noticeable difference when a project is coordinated properly from start to finish with attention to detail, a sense of urgency and a common goal shared by all parties involved. They're a dynamic team and when you work with JMI, you are part of the team! JMI brings that kind of expertise and positive approach to each and every project.."

- Bob Bolla

Vice President 


"It is exciting to work with a contractor that not only stands behind what they say, but who you know their word is as good as a contract... they are truly concerned for their clients and subcontractors and have the project's best interest in mind at all times. What I most enjoy is that they take the time to review the project before and after the bid and they strategize, alongside the subcontractors, to ensure the project flows smoothly. We have run into issues on jobs and have been able to work out an equitable solution to some potentially costly problems simply by sitting down and working out the issue together. They understand the construction process, are easy to talk to, and immediately solve problems. It is always a pleasure working with JMI regardless of how complex the project. It is comforting to know that whenever I deem it necessary, I can call them up and have an intelligent conversation with a knowledgeable person to resolve a problem before it becomes a bigger issue."

- Dennis Linsmeier

Senior Vice President